Human Resources


We are a manufacturing company that specializes in the bending of metallic material. You will find our employees, who have extensive experience, working at the manufacturing sites daily. A new employee learns from their experienced superiors and pass on what they learn to the next generation. In this way, our company has made history for nearly 100 years.
In this site, the employees who currently work here talk about their job description and their thoughts. As you can see from their comments, our company has many great people, whom we are proud of. We nurture the employees gently and carefully, keep the human relationships and the ambiance of the company positive, and puts strength into mentoring employees so that various skills can be passed down. These are our company's style.

You do not need any special qualifications to do bending work. However, you need a special license to use cranes and forklifts when hauling the material and products.
You can make use of the company’s support system to acquire such licenses and qualifications.

The senior employees take time to teach the newer employees each of the techniques necessary in doing the work. You may be worried because you have no experience in this field and/or do not possess knowledge about bending work. But most of the employees at this company start out with no experience. They start out as complete amateurs and eventually transform into respected professionals. It’s fine if you don’t have any experience about that. You can learn everything after you join us.
Because we are a metal-processing business, we’re sure many people imagine a small factory when they picture our workplace. We work to beautify our office so that those who actually visit will be surprised at the disparity between their expectations of what our work-site would look like and what it actually looks like.
If you are curious about our company, or find it interesting, even just a bit, we encourage you to pay a visit.

The Employees

Some of the employees who work here are considered the “hotshots.” What these people have in common is that they are earnest. Employees who work diligently learn more and more as time goes by and evolve into qualified workers who can pass their skills down to the next generation. Many people think manual dexterity is important skill in manufacturing, but it’s not true. The best approach is to work earnestly and diligently, and master each thing you are taught.
Manufacturing is interesting - you can use the same material and machines and the end product can turn out differently. Thus, it is that much more fulfilling when you made a product as you planned. People who can enjoy such sensations or are confident in accomplishing such results would be right for our company.
Even if you don’t know anything at first, you will learn more and more as you go along. We would love for you to enjoy this sensation of growing as a manufacturer.